Throwing down the wordy gauntlet


A good friend and I worked together for a while and like many folk devised several methods for getting through that devised employee punishment: the team meeting. One of my personal favourites was buzzword bingo with the added frisson of having to interject the word ‘bingo’ into the meeting on hearing an agreed buzzword on three occasions. Retaining a veneer of calm professionalism: essential. Not making eye contact with said friend: P45-avoidance essential.

Occasionally we would pick random words to use in the meeting too. Ideally those words had to make vague sense, so adding ‘blancmange’ to a statement only really worked if you were discussing actual blancmange or exclaiming enthusiastically, “I say team mates, I do hope there isn’t blancmange on the pudding menu when we’re staying overnight in the TravelStop in Hathersedge. One does so detest blancmange.” I loved that game and when I’m having a wild and adventurous day (they happen!) I find it fun, educational and irritating on those days when being irritating is really enjoyable.

words 2

Please enjoy using the following when emailing complaints to your chosen energy supplier, speaking to the space invader on the seat next to you, participating in team meetings, looking at objects in a gallery or museum, buying a new bra or just because you can. I can’t promise a prize for the most imaginative use of the word but the praise of the other two readers of knowingmoreorless will be prize enough. Now move away from the balustrade, remove your gaze from the slovenly street scene below and take those manacles off the shelf…

Contemporaneously Slovenly Balustrade Superfluous Manacles



  1. Miranda Coates
    Jul 29, 2015

    Very fond memories of you using “Caravan” most ingeniously.

    • knowingd
      Jul 30, 2015

      I’m expecting great things from you with these five words!

  2. Nikki Marsh
    Jul 29, 2015

    Excited at rising to the challenge….once I find out what the heck ‘contemporaneously’ actually means! #verballychallenged

    • knowingd
      Jul 30, 2015

      not sure any of these are useful for addressing clothing-related issues…

  3. Lynn
    Jul 30, 2015

    The game I recall was tremendous fun for those involved keeping your sanity throughout those horrendous team meetings and I took great delight I the recollections.!!
    I have to say superfluous balustrades are where I would manacle my slovenly trainees. I have failed with Contemporaneously x

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