Settling, carpe-ing or striking


A settling down sarnie with carpe-ing and striking filling

A settling down sarnie with carpe-ing and striking filling

Do people still talk about settling down? ‘Nice to see you settling down at last’ was one of the most insulting statements I was ever offered, about 30+ years ago. So I was in my twenties… The implication of a rabble rousing youth I now see as a glorious suggestion, but sadly it was not true. How exactly does one settle down? Is it the alternative to carpe diem, plucking the day and all that goes with it? Is settling down the bread in the carpe diem sandwich? Pluck the lifestyle, live the lifestyle, start plucking all over again when the tedium of settling down suddenly hits. But perhaps settling down needs a whole lot of carpe-ing just to manage the actual settling, and all that might go with the features of settling – perhaps a partner, somewhere to live – the costs of which allow you and said partner to eat regularly way and see each other in between the hours of work that have expanded exponentially to enable the eating… I digress.

Is settling down an actual thing in the 21st century or is it something that has connotations of dullness? We settle for things rather than meeting those challenges head on (another exhausting concept), if we’re not carpe-ing we’re not really living, and don’t get me started on striking while the iron is hot. My theory is that settling down is incorrectly tagged with resignation and complacency labels.  But I think those labels are just plain wrong.

Maybe settling down has more to do with arriving at a degree of happiness with life, having discovered along the way (while doing all that carpe-ing and striking perhaps) that happiness tends to arrive unannounced in and amongst the muddle and mess of daily life.

I don’t iron, my plucking days are fewer and further between so I think it’s quite possible that this is me settling down.


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