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My foray into fashion and style may come back to bite me. But it could be fun. Couldn’t it?

#Whatyoudontsee or hear or feel

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Last week was Depression Awareness Week with #whatyoudontsee as the illustrative hashtag, popping up with heartening frequency across social media. Social media can feel a contradiction in terms though. I’ve been particularly active on FB over the past six months, over-sharing selected trials and tribulations, beautiful words and beautiful pictures, the antics of small animals and children, grief at the relentlessly regular passing of the gifted and famous. But what I haven’t shared is the fact that I have been...

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Buckets on my mind

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Apparently Marie Antoinette had a penchant for role playing, with the life of a milkmaid being her escapist fantasy of choice. The milkmaid fantasy was played out in suitably fantastic splendour, complete with elaborate costumes and custom built living arrangements and accessories. I’m not sure how much actual milk was involved, but a good time was reportedly had by all. My experiential equivalent is a late 60s Barbie as pneumatically cheery diner waitress. She’s wearing one of those cute pink nylon mini...

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3.06 mile snippets

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Overheard, encountered and observed on this morning’s walk. In no particular order ‘Morning!’ x 5. All dogwalkers. “Dad? Dad?” ‘MMmm?’ “Da-ad. I found a snowy stone in my trainer last yesterday.” ‘Mmm.’ A sign that read FOOTPATH CLOSED – at a totally unhelpful stage in my walk. “Close the door. Close the bleedin’ door!” “Excuse me, but can you tell me what the time is please?” Small strolling boy, somewhat late for school. Diggers, lorries and assorted building site cacophony. A...

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A very definite first

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For those of you who don’t know me, and I’m kind of hoping that several newbies will drop in for a read, I am not outdoorsy, fit, sporty, or a great fan of the clothing required for the associated activity; though I do like comfy flat shoes. This bit of biog is essential background to why I’m writing a blog post about my walk up Pen-y-Ghent – vaguely historic, and a definite first. And as further background I am agoraphobic; any views that are described as breathtaking, stunning, awe-inspiring will render me...

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Pampered calves wreak reverse revenge

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in blog, fashion, featured, style | 1 comment

I blame my gran for surely one of the most soul-destroying hours I’ve ever experienced. If I think about it I could probably blame her for some of the most-soul destroying months, nay years, of my entire life, but let’s stick with Saturday shall we? My gran, or the Mary Nana, made many pronouncements on many things, ranging from Oliver Cromwell through teeth to shoes. Many of these same pronouncements did in fact have a vestige of truth and were rooted in her early experience of life, as the eldest girl in a...

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Knees, toes and bumpsadaisy

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in blog, fashion, style | 1 comment

As much as I love the sunshine in March it means my clothing conundrum has hit slightly earlier than normal. I am a creature of habit as far as seasonal clothes are concerned. Skirts and mega dernier black tights are de rigeur pour moi in the winter months, while trousers are my leg covering of choice when the sun comes out. Oh and I don’t do leggings. But there’s that cusp point, isn’t there? The sun comes out and my non-winter wardrobe is for the most part still in suitcases under the bed. I have a nice...

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I wonder what their mothers are wearing?

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in fashion, style | 5 comments

When I was researching my blogging niche I became an avid reader of several fashion blogs, particularly by Leeds-based bloggers. There are some great blogs around, and I am very taken with the ‘What I’m wearing today’ posts of a couple of local lasses especially A Little Bird Told Me You will all be relieved to know, if you hadn’t already guessed, that fashion wasn’t an obvious niche for me to fall into. That’s not to say I don’t have some fairly wishy-washy ideas on most items of fashion, and some...

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Why I’m going to tell you about how this Christmas started with a pomegranate

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 in blog, featured | 6 comments

This blog is starting to become yet another sort-of-started/not-come-to-anything thing for which I have a not inconsiderable reputation. You could name quite a lot of career possibilities and chances are I’ll have had a go  (if there are any I haven’t tried then it may have been because it didn’t occur to me, or it involved more energy than I could muster at the time. Or new clothes and he had a point that Wilde chap). I am never without ideas, and I have good intentions by the bucketful, but the actual doing...

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