Prize maps write to my heart

Using four out of the five fingers on my left hand I can count the number of worthwhile prizes I have ever received. The £4.30 lottery wins don’t count. Scratch cards enthusiastically pressed into your hand by an over-eager young person leaping at you when you’re ambling along a Calle on a Costa, ie. timeshare touts, don’t count. The annual progress prize, presented to me on no less than four occasions at my posh school for girls, didn’t count; in fact the memory of going up on that stage year after year has left its scars.

So receiving an email from Shaun at Writing Maps to tell me I was going to receive some goodies was a big deal. And what a fantabulous jiffy bag of goodies it is! A wonderful selection of Writing Maps each beautifully illustrated and with a veritable plethora of prompts to get me writing, a notebook (which has already found its way to a new life as a portable Japanese vocab revision book), A3 reviews containing the stories and poems of other Writing Maps enthusiasts, postcards…

Lots of lovely Writing Maps

Lots of lovely Writing Maps

Writing Maps runs a monthly writing competition (no, that’s not what I won) so all you writing chums get entering now. And all you not-quite-sure-I-am-a-writer yet chums: what are you waiting for? Winners are included in the A3 Review of which I am now the proud owner of two, and jolly good they are too! But I know that each and every one of my three, sometimes four, readers are always on the lookout for wonderful and thoughtful gifts for others, and treats for themselves and really you need look no further.
For the past half an hour my favourite Writing Map is Writing Things, a writing map of the things we carry. By late evening my favourite may be The City of Inspiration. By lunchtime tomorrow, who knows.

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  1. Lynn
    Aug 15, 2015

    The perfect gift for you!
    How lovely to receive nice surprise pressies.

    Enjoy your mapping x

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