Knees, toes and bumpsadaisy

As much as I love the sunshine in March it means my clothing conundrum has hit slightly earlier than normal. I am a creature of habit as far as seasonal clothes are concerned. Skirts and mega dernier black tights are de rigeur pour moi in the winter months, while trousers are my leg covering of choice when the sun comes out. Oh and I don’t do leggings.

But there’s that cusp point, isn’t there? The sun comes out and my non-winter wardrobe is for the most part still in suitcases under the bed. I have a nice range of ‘tween season dresses but I cannot bring myself to wear black tights, and winter trousers just aren’t right are they?! Considerable effort is needed to put my legs out there, and my life really is not long enough.

And don’t get me started on what to wear on my feet! These feet are not for exposing to the elements just yet.

Though apparently it’s just me. A Monday morning through the streets of my hometown exposed me to much flesh, which the local populace felt they must put out there because the sun had got his hat on, hip, hip, hip, hooray and all that. Sleeveless, shirtless, legless – and less is just not more!

Don’t you love a trivial issue on a Monday?!

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  1. Alvina
    Mar 28, 2012

    You should have seen the flesh on display in Morecambe today (I was working) 🙂

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