July’s Top Ten

A lifetime favourite. It's a heritage thing.

A lifetime favourite. It’s a heritage thing.

A selection of this month’s highlights:

10. the number 56 bus

9. casareccia pollo piccante pasta

8. gin & tonic 


7. my almost too comfortable walking boots

6. Persian food

5. Minions / Inside Out                        

4. bunches of sunflowers

3. Chanel no 5 body lotion

2. maps of the medieval Mediterranean

1. Tunnocks tea cakes.

I said I was going to attempt a blog post a day for seven days. I didn’t say any or every blogpost would be enlightening or worth reading, did I?


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  1. Helen
    Jul 31, 2015

    There’s the gift of a writer – I read it all because I know you are good- I wasn’t disappointed- I got a list of items that I might not have thought about today. Maps of the Med in Medieval times sounds fascinating, but those guys were forever invading and stuff- I just got to grips with Yugoslavia and which countries it is now, that’s only 25 years!

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