In at the deep end

Terence Davies’ new film “The Deep Blue Sea” moved me to tears, although not I assume, when it was intended to. Simon Russell Beale is always a captivating stage actor and although Rachel Weisz is suitably tragic and beautiful, it is SRB who perfectly conveys the unending agony of loving the wrong person. His facial expressions in the short scenes with his fabulously overbearing mother (a woman for whom a slice
of Battenberg is the height of self indulgence) are an acting masterclass in conveying decades of repressed emotion and family history. As I wasn’t ever convinced by the sexual attraction between the two main characters, I found myself baffled by Hester’s motives. The film’s soundtrack is often intrusive, particularly when the Barber violin concerto is used repeatedly to clichéd effect.

Finally anyone who spent their childhood in and around Northern pubs should beware of traumatic personal flashbacks since the directors’ trope of obligatory community singing occurs throughout.


  1. anna
    Dec 19, 2011

    Sorry to hear about the pub-flashback trauma but thanks for the review. As a near shut-in I shall add it to my LoveFilm list… Thanks!

  2. Sue Baker
    Jan 8, 2012

    Sorry but I can’t take Racel Weisz seriously any more since she got together with Daniel Craig.

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