Ds Knowledge

I veer on a near hourly basis between believing I know loads and realising I know naff all. The list that follows is a list of the knowledge I have at this precise point in time; some of it is knowledge I am totally convinced is right (-ish) and some of it is knowledge that I will no doubt erase or revise. Possibly later today…

And today’s knowledge is:

• Small talk is not an enviable skill
• Feet that have rarely been squeezed into fabulous high heels look lovely in strappy sandals
• There is no excuse for leggings
• My mother may have been right on at least one thing
• Teamwork is unnatural and teambuilding activities are organised torture
• Star Trek is a reliable constant
• A Muppet Christmas Carol is the best Christmas film of all time
• Subtitles do not make a film a classic
• It is worth going for a proper bra fitting
• Avocados and mangos don’t taste as good over here

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