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Knowing More or Less was a project I began a few years ago in response to a series in the Guardian which gave step by step guidance on setting up a blog, a blog that could in turn generate cash. No, no cash yet (but hey potential sponsors I’m your go-to-girl for espousing the virtues of (the so far undiscovered) comfortable bra, milk or dark chocolate raisins and gin for martinis, the pink variety or with tonic. I could even review the tonic). I ignore KMoL for ages, months and more, but I always enjoy getting back to it when I remember it’s there. It often serves as the means to get me writing again. It’s amazing how just a few hundred words can feel like such an achievement, particularly when I manage to say not a lot.

My own blog is me musing on life’s accepted norms and its idiosyncrasies but deciding on the tone, keeping it just light enough, still presents problems. Many blogs aim to be honest and from the heart, exploring personal issues to a point that I admit to finding rather alarming. I do have a heart, in a fair wind and when the sun shines, but I tend to believe that bits of its core are not for public consumption.

The more determined of my three readers (sometimes four, and I thank you) will notice the page on my site ‘Knowing Looks’. This was of course brazenly aimed at potential sponsors who might feel that my reviews and recommendations as a 50-something woman would have value. Never having had a shortage of opinions I believed this section would overflow with anecdotes and useful information. I have accrued a thorough knowledge of shampoos for grey hair for example and my recent move has turned me into a mine of information on many aspects of interior design, particularly cushions. Though this has been the section that I think I’ve actively shied away from. Why is that?


I am off course off-trend as blogging is old hat these days. Now we can see and hear the reinvigorated blogger. Blogging is in its twilight time; vlogging is emerging with the dawn A friend recently said that I should think about vlogging. Apparently successful vloggers have agents and probably someone to sort out the html blips on their websites. That sounds both lovely and terrifying, but perhaps financially rewarding. I’m becoming a full-time student shortly and will be even more strapped for cash than usual, so if the vlog’s the thing maybe I should be climbing aboard that bandwagon. Mind you I’d need to sharpen up the sartorial act; hair washing, make up and either more glam pjs or actual clothes may be essential.

So, in an approximation of the hummable words of Lionel Bart’s Oliver, I’m reviewing the situation, but I think I’ll have to think it out again! Thank you for reading over the past seven days.


  1. Helen
    Aug 1, 2015

    Dee, just up your blog and blog it down – that’s probably not even an acceptable verb- loved reading you, keep it up – hope to catch up with you when you are in London soon x

  2. Miranda Coates
    Aug 1, 2015

    Skip vlogging and go straight to the next big thing?

  3. Beth McAlpine
    Aug 2, 2015

    Dee ar least you do it. I lie here every morning willing myself up and to my computer…. but the excuses and the fear hold me captive. Vlogging ? What the hell is that? You keep going Dee. One day the money will flow in….

  4. Lynn
    Aug 15, 2015

    Love your ‘blogging’ but what is vlogging?

    Confused on Meanwood 🙂 xxx

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