About KnowingD

I‘m a woman of the north, nurtured in the south(ern hemisphere) and grappling her way through her sixth decade: that’s right I’m in my 50s, comfortably into my 50s, and looking back feels increasingly like a fruitless venture. I have a memory like a sieve and my ability to conveniently forget or ignore is proving to be an asset. Though I wish I had had the foresight to keep my vast wardrobe of naff 1970s clothes and cleaned up on eBay.

If I knew then what I know now is NOT the guiding principle of my life…

I’m a woman of many parts – the obvious: daughter, wife, empty nest mother; and the less obvious: knitter, lapsed plumber and a host of other certificated talents. I hold wishy washy opinions or no opinions at all on practically everything. And apparently I fall into the vintage category, in oh so many ways!

Career-free and occasionally carefree, I hope to make you nod and smile, and maybe help you feel that this being 50 lark isn’t all they’d have us believe – or expect.


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