#Whatyoudontsee or hear or feel

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Last week was Depression Awareness Week with #whatyoudontsee as the illustrative hashtag, popping up with heartening frequency across social media. Social media can feel a contradiction in terms though. I’ve been particularly active on FB over the past six months, over-sharing selected trials and tribulations, beautiful words and beautiful pictures, the antics of small animals and children, grief at the relentlessly regular passing of the gifted and famous. But what I haven’t shared is the fact that I have been...

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Prize maps write to my heart

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Using four out of the five fingers on my left hand I can count the number of worthwhile prizes I have ever received. The £4.30 lottery wins don’t count. Scratch cards enthusiastically pressed into your hand by an over-eager young person leaping at you when you’re ambling along a Calle on a Costa, ie. timeshare touts, don’t count. The annual progress prize, presented to me on no less than four occasions at my posh school for girls, didn’t count; in fact the memory of going up on that stage year after year...

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From the heart

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Knowing More or Less was a project I began a few years ago in response to a series in the Guardian which gave step by step guidance on setting up a blog, a blog that could in turn generate cash. No, no cash yet (but hey potential sponsors I’m your go-to-girl for espousing the virtues of (the so far undiscovered) comfortable bra, milk or dark chocolate raisins and gin for martinis, the pink variety or with tonic. I could even review the tonic). I ignore KMoL for ages, months and more, but I always enjoy getting...

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July’s Top Ten

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A selection of this month’s highlights: 10. the number 56 bus 9. casareccia pollo piccante pasta 8. gin & tonic  7. my almost too comfortable walking boots 6. Persian food 5. Minions / Inside Out                         4. bunches of sunflowers 3. Chanel no 5 body lotion 2. maps of the medieval Mediterranean 1. Tunnocks tea cakes. I said I was going to attempt a blog post a day for seven days. I didn’t say any or every blogpost would be enlightening or worth reading, did...

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Never the same again

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Births, deaths, house moves, marriages, divorces, new relationships, collapsed relationships are rightly accepted as life-will-never-be-the-same-again events. Stressful, terrifying, miserable, wondrous. Nothing can prepare us for the event or how we will be afterwards. No amount of planning, acceptance, gritting of teeth and outpourings of love will determine the person we are after the event. Because we’re never the same. How can we be? Everything shifts out of kilter and we are forced to readjust our bearings to...

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Throwing down the wordy gauntlet

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It is very likely that I am scraping the bottom of a very nasty, think slimy green mouldy stuff, very deep barrel but I thought we’d have a word challenge for today’s blog. I’d like you to comment on how you have used the five words at the bottom of this post over the next few days – let’s say until next Sunday; or beyond if you chance upon this by accident. This is a fairly random selection. One or two heard on the radio at 6:45 in the morning, one a word in an exhibition review, and the others just...

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Settling, carpe-ing or striking

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  Do people still talk about settling down? ‘Nice to see you settling down at last’ was one of the most insulting statements I was ever offered, about 30+ years ago. So I was in my twenties… The implication of a rabble rousing youth I now see as a glorious suggestion, but sadly it was not true. How exactly does one settle down? Is it the alternative to carpe diem, plucking the day and all that goes with it? Is settling down the bread in the carpe diem sandwich? Pluck the lifestyle, live the lifestyle,...

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Brief encounters of the reflective kind

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Life offers many treats and one of my favourite is lone travel. It’s not that I don’t enjoy travelling with friends and loved ones but am I the only one that finds other people’s travel tics stress-inducing? Not all my friends or loved ones have these travel tics. I say this to put friends and loved ones’ minds at ease, or to get you to really think about the obsessive planning, that pocket patting panic at passport control or the repetitive questioning about arrangements on arrival… just...

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Only the tenacious need watch

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By 21st century entertainment standards I am a failure. While I fully get the concept of the boxed set, whether in the solid format with illegible print that takes up space in boxes and clutters surfaces around the blu-ray player when the cobwebs are (not metaphorically) blown away, or accessible via the webby waves that permeate everything, I rarely get beyond series one; series one of anything that was produced post-2002*. The Sopranos = series one and a couple of episodes from series two. Breaking Bad = nada....

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Downhill SKIing

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What if SKIing (Spending the Kids' Inheritance) proves much less fun than hoped...?

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